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About E-deodar and Techmation

Ningbo Techmation Co.,Ltd announed in December ,2015 , will increse investment on the R&D of industrial robot .
The project plans a total investment of 150 million yuan, mainly for new robot R & D and production base, including but not limited to the construction of a vertical 6-axis robot, 4 axis robot vertical, horizontal 4-axis robots, robot, 4-axis palletizing robot, AGV storage systems and other product lines.
The total construction period of three years, two phases of construction, expected to be completed in 2018, the contents of the entire building. 2017 production will reach 30 percent in 2018 to 60% of production, 2019 to reach full production. The project is put into production, the annual 2300 units of industrial robots. The future will be widely applied to various industries, Sony is adding local Chinese robot industry. The main project is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Iraq Cedar robot Equipment Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Iraq Cedar robot Equipment Co., Ltd. under the Ningbo Techmation Co.,Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong information technology, industrial automation equipment R & D, manufacturing and services, including but not limited to the vertical 6-axis robot, 4 axis vertical robot, horizontal 4-axis robots, robot, 4-axis palletizing robot, AGV, storage systems as the leading products, to industrial robots as the core automation equipment manufacturing and application of high-tech enterprises. Cedar Iraqi company in China industrial heavily - Foshan, Guangdong Province, equipped with advanced production, processing, assembly and testing equipment.
The company's wide range of products used in robot loading and unloading, handling, assembly, and other electronics, machinery, household appliances, hardware and other industries, for which the company set up a number of professional in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xi'an, Taiwan, Germany, Italy and other places R & D team and research and development laboratory, bringing together the best technology at home and abroad more than 450 professionals, provide a strong foundation for the hardware and software product development.
Focus on product technology upgrade at the same time, the company relies on Hong Iraq Cedar Technology of solid strength, based on plans to invest 150 million yuan within three years, in 2019 completed construction area of ​​30,000 square meters of industrial robot production base, and year 2300 sales of production standard robots.
Investor: Hong Technology Introduction
Hong information technology products and technology, founded in 1984, originated in Taiwan Hong hearing, relying on science and technology and industrial advantages of Taiwan, we have accumulated a deep technical background and industry experience, currently in the presses control system market share topped the country, is China presses control system leader in the field, to become plastic machinery automation industrial automation industry as well as first-class assembly system supplier, in March 2015 to complete the Shanghai a-share listed.
Hong hearing Main products are plastic machinery control systems, energy-saving servo systems, injection molding machine manufacturing network management system iNet, industrial automation systems required servo motors, drive systems and related automation products and system solutions. Over the years the introduction of the world's advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, test tools actively update facilities to ensure the production of new products and gradually improve the smooth and stable yield. Currently we press control system in domestic and foreign market share topped the industry leader.
Hong hearing With nearly three decades of industry experience, the use of cross-strait co-pilot innovation, research and development team of stable mind, now has more than 50 core independent intellectual property rights and a number of core technology and actively participate in a number of industry standards. "Hong hearing presses Control System R & D Center" was identified as "provincial research and development centers," the company was rated as "high-tech enterprises", "provincial patent demonstration enterprise", "growth in 2011 in Ningbo City Star Enterprise."

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