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  • 产品名称: EDV-6050

Product introduction   EDV robots are featured by compact size; the joints are installed with high-precision gearbox; high-speed joints can flexibly work in small working spaces, and perform handling, palletizing, assembly and other operations, with flexible installation.
  EDV6050 features: lightweight structure, effective payload of 50kg, maximum working radius of 2061mm; mainly applied to workplaces with medium loads and wide ranges.


Product features Large work space
Stable performance
High running speed
Excellent general performance
Modular design of the mechanical structure


Product application Medium payload applications:
handling, palletizing, casting
1.More flexibility, more stable performance, lower energy consumption;2.Errors are reduced to a minimum degree through the visual function of robots(If used) 3.Maximized throughput with high-speed performance;4.Prolonged running time;5.Fixed automation;

Assembly and Welding
1.Stabilize and improve the welding quality

to ensure homogeneity;2.Improve productivity
24-hour continuous production;3.Improve working conditions of workers
can realize long-term work inharmful environments;4.Reduce operations technical requirements for workers;5.Shorten product modification and updating cycles
as well as the corresponding investment in equipment;6.Can achieve welding automation of mass-production products;7.Save floor space;

Grinding and Polishing
water cutting and other machining applications


Working space structure


technical parameter

关节 动作角度
自由度 6
J1 ±180° 180 - - 最大负载[kg] 50
J2 + 135/ - 90 178 - - 重复定位精度[mm] ±0.07
J3 + 251/ - 170 178 - - 最大工作半径[mm] 2061
J4 ±360° 250 216 28 工作温度[℃] 0to+45
J5 ±125° 250 216 28 工作湿度[%] 20-80
J6 ±360° 360 147 11 本体重量[kg] 550
- - - - - 总功率[KVA] 4
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