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  • 产品名称: EDV-6007

Product introduction   EDV robots are featured by compact size, small volume, and light weight, which are special arc welding robot and can realize stable welding, obtain a high precision welding path, shorten the welding cycle and extend the service life of pipe fitting and cable. Meanwhile, vertical multi-axis robotcan work flexibly in narrow spaces. The installation modes include installation, hanging mounting, and reverse installation.
  EDV6007 Features: Wrist limited payload 7Kg, maximum working radius 1460mm.


Product features Small volume
Light weight
High running speed
High repeated positioning accuracy
High welding stability


Product application Arc welding and cutting
1. Stabilize and improve the welding quality, to ensure homogeneity
2.Improve productivity, 24-hour continuous production
3.Improve working conditions of workers, can realize long-term work in harmful environment
4.Reduce the operation technical requirements of workers
5.Shorten the cycle of product modification and updating ,reduce the corresponding investment in equipment

6.Can achieve welding automation of mass-production
7.Save floor space

Material handling and palletizing
1.More flexibility

more stable performance
lower energy consumption
2.Maximize throughput with high-speed performance
3.Prolonged running time
4.Fixed automation


Working space structure


technical parameter

关节 动作角度
自由度 6
J1 ±180° 170 - - 最大负载[kg] 7
J2 + 120/ - 85 150 - - 重复定位精度[mm] ±0.05
J3 + 70/ - 160 150 - - 最大工作半径[mm] 1460
J4 ±180° 280 16.6 0.47 工作温度[℃] 0-45
J5 ±115° 240 16.6 0.47 工作湿度[%] 20-80
J6 ±360° 600 9.4 0.15 本体重量[kg] 120
- - - - - 总功率[KVA] 3.5
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