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Icedar Robot Project Briefing
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2019-01-10 09:38
Ningbo Hongxun Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 603015) announced on December 12, 2015 that it will increase investment in research and development of industrial robots and production projects. The project, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, is mainly used in the development and production base of new robots, including production lines for products not limited to vertical 6-axis robots, horizontal 4-axis robots, parallel robots, palletizing robots and AGV storage systems.
Report on the Symposium of Shunde Robot Association
The Shunde Robot Association Seminar was held on February 25, 2016 in Guangdong Icedar Robot Equipment Co., Ltd. The seminar was attended by Mr. Chu, Mr. Xu, members of Shunde Robot Association of Guangdong Icedar Robot Equipment Co., Ltd. and some employees of Guangdong Icedar Robot Equipment Co., Ltd. First of all, before the seminar started, the staff of the company warmly received the visiting members, and the general manager of the company, Zhu, led the members to introduce the plan of the future plant, the basic situation of the present plant and the future production value planning.
Exchange Meeting of SME Promotion Association
Release time:
2019-01-10 09:36
On February 19, 2016, Cedar Robot Equipment Co., Ltd. held an exchange meeting of SME Promotion Association in Shunde. The participants in the meeting were Chu Weixiong, General Manager of Cedar Robot, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises from different industries in Shunde and some staff of our company. Before the beginning of the exchange meeting, representatives of enterprises came into the workshop to visit our robotic products. During the visit, the enterprises consulted the staff on the spot for product details.
Intelligent Recording Robot Joining Shunde Public Security Bureau
OnJuly28,2017,theShundeDistrictPublicSecurityBureauwelcomedtenspecialnewcolleagues,intelligentrecord-takingrobots,whichwerefullyusedinthepolicestationsof10townstreets.Itisthefirsttimeintheprovincialpublicsecuritysystemtouserobotsinthefieldofreceivingandreportingrecords.  GuangdongIcedarRobotEquipmentCo.,Ltd.andShundeDistrictPublicSecurityBureauofFoshanCitycooperatetodevelopthissysteminviewoftheexistingproblemsinreportingcases.Whenthemassesneedtoreport,thesystemcanautomaticallygeneraterecordsanduploadthemtothelocalpublicsecuritysystembyinputtingself-selectedreportinformationontheintelligentrecord-takingrobotsystemandansweringthesystem'squestionstruthfullyaccordingtotheprocess.Whenthelocalpublicsecuritysystemreceivestheinformationuploadedbytheinformer,itcanfilethecasequicklyandcarryoutfurtherinvestigation.Throughthisself-helpreportingmethodofintelligentrecord-takingrobot,wecansavetime,furthersimplifythemassreportingprocess,reducetheworkloadofgrass-
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