Intelligent Recording Robot Joining Shunde Public Security Bureau
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Intelligent Recording Robot Joining Shunde Public Security Bureau

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On July 28, 2017, the Shunde District Public Security Bureau welcomed ten special new colleagues, intelligent record-taking robots, which were fully used in the police stations of 10 town streets. It is the first time in the provincial public security system to use robots in the field of receiving and reporting records.
Guangdong Icedar Robot Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shunde District Public Security Bureau of Foshan City cooperate to develop this system in view of the existing problems in reporting cases. When the masses need to report, the system can automatically generate records and upload them to the local public security system by inputting self-selected report information on the intelligent record-taking robot system and answering the system's questions truthfully according to the process. When the local public security system receives the information uploaded by the informer, it can file the case quickly and carry out further investigation. Through this self-help reporting method of intelligent record-taking robot, we can save time, further simplify the mass reporting process, reduce the workload of grass-roots police, and improve work efficiency.
The smart report robot is about 1.6 meters high, with a camera and a recording system on its left shoulder. The report screen can be touched and the ID identification area is below the display screen.
When the robot is put into use, it will effectively solve the problem of insufficient police force in the grass-roots front-line units and improve the efficiency of the public receiving reports. According to statistics, it takes about 15 minutes to make a record by using a recording robot, which saves 1 to 2 hours compared with the original police record making, and greatly improves the work efficiency. In addition, by setting a fixed questioning template, the logic of the questioning items is clear and specific. The recorded information can objectively record the true situation of the victim, avoid deviation, and avoid some cases where the victim is difficult to speak because of the sensitive content of the report.
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